Best Gear For Your Money: Mini M-109E Compound Bow

Junxing M-109E is a compound bow that’s high in quality but at a budget price. Although it only has entry-level features, this bow still offers a smooth draw and great accuracy. Here is some more information on the value offered by this product. For more information, visit our website!

About the Mini M-109E Compound Bow

The Mini M-109E compound bow is a small, lightweight bow that is ideal for archers of all ages and skill levels. The draw weight ranges from 5 to 70 pounds, which makes it suitable for both adults and children. The overall length of the bow is only 35 inches, so it is easy to carry around with you wherever you go.

This compound bow has an aluminum riser and limbs that are made from fiberglass. It comes with a sight and a stabilizer, as well as an arrow rest, ensuring that you can get started right away with your target practice sessions.

The Mini M-109E Compound Bow has an IBO speed rating of 315 feet per second (fps). The draw length can be adjusted between 26 inches and 30 inches, allowing this bow to fit almost any type of archer.

This bow also comes with an adjustable draw stop so that you can set your own personal draw weight without needing any tools or additional equipment. Setting your own personal draw weight allows you to customize your archery experience so that it fits perfectly with your particular needs and preferences.

Product features and details: junxing mini m109e compound bow

1. Draw weight range: 15-65 lbs (7-29.5 kg)

2. Draw length range: 16″-30″ (40cm-76cm)

3. Arrow speed: 300fps (feet per second)

4. Arrow length: 20″ (51cm)

5. Material of bow: Aluminum alloy+carbon fiber+plastic composite

6. Material of arrow rest: Plastic composite

7. Length of bowstring: 75″ (190cm)

What makes the M-109E a top mini bow you can buy?

The M-109E is one of the best mini bows available on the market. It is an excellent choice for a first-time archer or an advanced shooter looking for something smaller than their compound bow. It has all of the same features as its bigger counterparts, but it is smaller and lighter. This means that it is easier to transport and handle than other bows. The mini M-109E Compound Bow is perfect for young archers.

The M-109E has everything you need to have a good time shooting at targets. It comes with a quiver, arrows, a stabilizer, field points, and safety glasses. If you want to spend more money, you can add sights, release aids or even a bow sling for carrying your equipment around in the field.

The M-109E is a great bow for beginners and experienced archers alike. It features a single-cam design that makes it easy to draw and fire, while still maintaining enough power to take down even the largest game animals.

The M-109E is made by Martin Archery, which is one of the oldest companies in the world when it comes to bows and arrow supplies. They have been making high-quality bows for over 100 years, so you can rest assured that you are getting a reliable product that will last for years.

If you are looking for a bow that has been tested by thousands of hunters before you, then this may be the perfect choice for you.

FAQS about the Mini M-109E Compound Bow

Q: What is the draw weight of the Mini M-109E Compound Bow?

A: The draw weight of this bow is 15 lbs.

Q: What is the draw length of the Mini M-109E Compound Bow?

A: The draw length of this bow is 13-28″. It comes with a 13″ brace height and a 6″ axle to axle.

Q: What is the arrow speed of the Mini M-109E Compound Bow?

A: It has an arrow speed of 215 fps (feet per second) when it is set at 90 lbs. or higher draw weight. This means that it can shoot accurately up to 20 yards away from your target!

Q: How much does it weigh?

A: It weighs about 2 pounds, making it easy to carry around in your backpack or even in your hand when you’re out in the woods hunting for deer or other animals! This is a good product for teaching kids the basics of archery in a safe way.

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