Ghost Action

Ghost Action is the new collection in action woods imported from Finland. 

The Ghost Action longbows embodies everything expected out of a high end custom handcrafted traditional one-piece longbow. Designed with your individual choice in mind.

This is multiparty layered coloured Maple laminated under huge pressure and produces a unique look.

There are two styles used in the Action collection:

1. Charcoal black riser, face and knock points are combined with coloured maple veneer accent lines. You can decide on specific colour combinations for accents. The  limbs typically is soft Maple, Tulip or Bamboo woods layered with the highest quality Bear paw black glass veneer. 

2.  Solid one-piece multi coloured risers, face and knock points. You can decide from a various range of colour combinations. The limbs typically is soft Maple,Tulip or Bamboo woods layered with the highest quality Bear paw Black glass veneer. Some of the colour combinations aslo come in a Clear Bear Paw Glass with a wood veneer.

Standard  length is 68″ but if you wished a different length then I will do that for you. Poundage will be built to your requirement.

Should the specific bow you require not be in stock or if you want your own unique colour combinations these will be custom built for you.

**As this is custom built to order the lead time is around 4-6 weeks**