Ghost Gumbo

The Ghost Gumbo longbows and recurves embodies everything expected out of a high end custom handcrafted traditional one-piece bow.

Making unique use of all the spare wood I have to limit waste turned out to be quite popular as you can have some very special woods in this bow. As the name Gumbo suggest. 

This is a combination of various natural hard wood layers used for the riser, creating it individual look of naturally formed accent lines. Limbs typically is soft Maple/Tulip or Bamboo woods layered, with the highest quality Bear paw glass veneer. Standard  length is 68″ but if you wished a different length then I will do that for you. Poundage will be built to your requirement. 

**Order lead time is around 3-4 weeks**

Please note: All wood combinations are random, making each bow unique and one of a kind all depending on the woods.