High-Performance Recurve Bows: The junxing F163

The junxing f163 recurve bow is a formidable range of bows available on the market today. These bows were designed for the serious hunter who cares about achieving maximum accuracy, speed and power. The craftsmanship has been perfected using only the finest natural materials including brown laminated northern hardwood, satin finished white ash, and high quality stainless steel hardware. To learn more about junxing f163 recurve bow, you can click here.


The JunXing F163 is a lightweight, high-performance recurve bow that is ideal for the novice archer. The F163 features a full-length reflex sight, which allows you to shoot arrows at all distances with one eye. This makes target acquisition easier, and helps keep your shooting form consistent.

The F163 has an aluminum riser, which makes it easy to string and maintain. It also features a nylon string with a quick-release mechanism that makes removing the string in the field a breeze. The limbs are made from birch wood, which provides extra durability and strength while remaining lightweight. The F163 also comes with two peep sights, so you can choose how much space you want between them based on your preference.

History of Junxing F163 Recurve Bow

The JXF163 recurve bow is a traditional style of Chinese archery bow. It is one of the most popular bows in China and has been used for hundreds of years by many different martial artists. It is often called the “Tiger Bow” because of the shape of its body, which resembles that of a tiger’s head.

The F163 recurve bow was designed by Mr. Jin Zhen-Jun and Mr. Jin Yi-Ming in the early 1990s. The original prototype was made from wood, which was later replaced with fiberglass to make it stronger and more durable.

Pros and Cons


  1. The bow is a beautiful piece of art that can be used for hunting, target shooting and other recreational activities.
  2. The bowstring is made of high-quality fiberglass materials that are highly resistant to wear and tear.
  3. The f163 recurve bow has a maximum draw weight of 160 pounds and a minimum draw weight of 50 pounds, which makes it suitable for people who have a weak arm or those who do not practice archery regularly.
  4. It comes with a sight mounted on the arm of the bow, which makes it easier to ensure that your shot will be accurate even if you do not have any experience in using bows before.
  5. It also comes with an adjustable aiming device that allows you to adjust it so that it fits your hand perfectly, regardless of whether you are right-handed or left-handed.
  6. It comes with a carrying case that is designed specifically for this particular model and can also be used to store other types of equipment when they are not being used by anyone else in your family or group of friends who like to go out together on hunting trips or other outdoor activities like fishing


The arrows are not included in the package.

The Performance of the Junxing F163 Recurve Bow.

The junxing f163 recurve bow is a good value for money. It has an affordable price tag, but it does not compromise on quality or performance. It is a great choice for beginners, who want to get into archery but do not have the budget for high-end bows. To learn more, click here!

The build quality of this bow is excellent and it feels solid in your hand. The limbs are made from bamboo, which is stronger and more durable than other materials such as maple or ash. This makes it possible to shoot arrows longer without worrying about the limbs breaking or bending under pressure.

The grip of this bow is quite comfortable and provides enough traction for you to keep your hand steady when shooting at different distances. The string is also very easy to pull back, which makes it easier for you to achieve consistent aim with each shot you take at your target!


Q: What is the maximum draw weight for this bow?
A: The maximum draw weight for this bow is 50 pounds.

Q: What is the recommended draw length?
A: The recommended draw length is 28 inches.

Q. Is the Junxing F163 recurve bow suitable for beginners?
A. Yes, it is. The F163 is a forgiving bow that will allow you to shoot well even if you have never shot a bow before.

Q. Can I shoot the Junxing F163 recurve bow at full draw?
A. Yes, but if you are new to archery and shooting a recurve style bow, then I would recommend that you begin with an easier draw weight such as 25 pounds or less so that you can get used to how the bow feels as you learn how to shoot it correctly. It is easier than having to worry about going past full draw and hitting yourself in the face with the string when shooting a heavy bow! If you want to know more, please click here.

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