Junxing F-161 Recurve Bow: A Fantastic First Recurve Bow

Have you considered getting into the exciting sport of archery? If so, the Junxing F-161 is a fantastic first recurve bow choice for all types of archers. It has a traditional design with a long and solid handle that makes shooting simple and easy. The F-161 is available in left- or right-handed models, as well as in different draw weights to suit your specific needs. The price is also very good compared to other bows on the market. To learn more about junxing f161 recurve bow, you can click here.


Junxing F161 Recurve Bow is a great product for the price. It is durable and strong, yet very flexible. This bow is made from high quality carbon fiber, which makes it extremely light weight. This bow is perfect for beginners because it is easy to use, and it shoots fast and accurate. The draw length on this bow is 27-31 inches, while the draw weight can be adjusted from 20lbs all the way up to 60lbs. The limbs on this bow are made from bamboo, which means that they will be very durable, but also flexible enough for people who have never shot before. The riser is made from aluminum alloy and has been coated with an anti-scratch finish so that it will last longer than most bows out there today!

The Junxing F161 Recurve Bow is a great product for the price because it can be used by just about anyone who wants to learn how to shoot a bow! It comes with everything you need to get started including arrows so that you can start shooting right away!

The Basics of the Junxing F-161 Recurve Bow

The Junxing F-161 is a beginner bow that has a good reputation among archers. It’s a simple, lightweight model that is great for recreational shooters who want to try out some archery without spending too much money.

The Junxing F-161 has an adjustable draw weight up to 60 pounds. That’s plenty of power for most beginners and even advanced archers who want to shoot at distances under 20 yards. The draw length can be adjusted between 18 and 29 inches, which means this bow will fit almost anyone who shoots it well enough.

The riser on this model is made from aluminum alloy and features an ambidextrous grip that makes it easy to hold onto during long shots or from awkward angles (like when you’re shooting from your window). The limbs are made from fiberglass which gives them more flexibility than other materials but less durability than carbon fiber versions — so if you plan on shooting often then consider upgrading your limbs later on in order to get better performance out of your bow over time with less wear and tear on them from repeated use over time To learn more, click here!

Pros and Cons of the Junxing F-161 Recurve Bow


  • The F-161 is made of heavy duty fiberglass. This makes it very durable and able to withstand a lot of use.
  • It has a draw weight of 20 lbs., which is enough for most people’s needs.
  • It comes with an adjustable sight and thumb ring, which make shooting much easier.


  • The bow is not as accurate as some others on the market, especially if you are new to archery or have never used a recurve bow before.
  • The arrows do not come with nocks, so you need to purchase these separately if you want to shoot with the bow right away.


The Junxing F-161 is a bow that is designed for beginners who are just getting into archery. It is made from aluminum alloy and it has a draw weight of 15 pounds. This makes it ideal for those who want to start off with something easy. It comes with a string, but you will have to purchase your own arrows separately.

This bow is easy to assemble, but it does take some time to get used to using it properly. The instructions that come with the bow are easy to follow and you should not have any problems putting it together if you have never done so before. If you want to know more, please click here.

Once you have assembled the bow, you will notice how lightweight it is compared to other bows that are on the market today. This can make it difficult for those who are just starting out in archery because they will need practice using this type of bow before they can move on to something more advanced in the future. However, if you practice using this type of bow regularly then you will see an improvement in your skills over time and within weeks or months you should be able to use other types of bows without having any problems at all!

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