Junxing M109 Compound Bow 1 set 30-60lbs Imported Steel

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M109 compound bow mixed materials, imported steel, aerospace aluminium alloy and pipe plastic shell, with the advanced modular adjustment design, allow you to adjust the bow according to your actual needs.

Junxing M109 Compound Bow DETAILS

Junxing M109 Compound Bow DETAILS

Brand Name: JUNXING
Model Number: M109
Type: Bow
Bow Type: Compound Bow
Use: Hunting
bow: triangle bow
color: camo/black
Axle to Axle: 21″
Bow weight: 3.3 lbs
IBO velocity: 260 fps
shooting way: can use a draw lock system
certificate: ISO9001
limbs: fibreglass

Junxing M109 Compound Bow EVALUATION

Junxing M109 Compound Bow MANUAL

Section: The Junxing M109 compound bow is a great starter bow for those who are interested in getting into archery.
Section: This bow can be shot by both the left and the right-handed.
Section: The draw length on the M109 is adjustable from 19 to 30 inches.
Section: It shoots arrows at up to 285 feet per second with a draw weight of 55 pounds.
Section: It’s a little on the heavier side at 4 pounds, which makes it a poor choice for long hunts but great for target shooting.
Section: This bow comes in an array of fun colours such as purple and red, making it appealing to young archers starting out in the sport.
Takeaway: The M109 is a good beginner option for shooters looking to get involved in archery.

The compound bow Junxing M109 is very easy to draw, comfortable to hold and very powerful in releasing with an adjustable high quality sight. It is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed archer. The draw length of the bow can be adjusted between 26”-30” by pulling or pushing the mechanical limbs.

Junxing M109 Compound Bow DESCRIPTION


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Junxing M109 Compound Bow REVIEW

“I would like to thank Junxing for their wonderful M109 compound bow. It has been a good investment and has helped me with my target practice and hunting. I am so much more accurate now.”

Ron Burnwood

“I wanted to share with you my experience with the Junxing M109 Compound Bow. I have been hunting for a long time and have been using traditional bows for more than 20 years. I have always loved the simplicity of it, but this year I was in need of a new bow. After researching everything out there, I decided to buy the Junxing M109 Compound Bow. This bow is amazing! It’s much quieter than tradition bows, and it has many different draw

Lily Granger​

“I have been hunting for a long time, and I have been waiting for a perfect compound bow. I finally found Junxing M109 and the right one on the market. It has the power and speed to take down any prey. The materials are durable and reliable enough to last me a long time.”

Jeson Foxx


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Original price was: $280.99.Current price is: $210.99.

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