About us



 I always loved archery and found my passion in traditional bows. I love working with wood and when the day came that I started looking to upgrade my "cheapy" bow I was surprised to see the variety and styles out there and became increasingly aware of the new-found momentum and interest in Traditional Archery worldwide.

I just could not find "the bow" for me. So, I set out on this amazing journey and decided to learn and MAKE MY OWN.

I have a small work shop and started making my own modern reflex-deflex, one-piece longbow designs and loved the challenges and the uniqueness of each bow.

Each bow turned out to be a lesson and the satisfaction of building and creating a unique individual piece every time.

This set me out on this journey to combine my hobby and passion for what I do into a living. I believe it is every one dream to make a living from what they love and not just have a every day job for their living.

The challenge was to come up with a design that provides consistency and performs consistently with the ability to customize the look and feel to everyone’s requirements without compromising on the functionality or quality.

My aim for my custom bows represent the highest level of hand-made quality using the best materials available. I try to provides my customers with access to a large selection of exotic and action wood combinations.

Therefore, every custom bow is designed to the specification of the customer.

This results in a one-of-a-kind product in the hands of every customer.