Ghost Colours Series

New young aspiring archers looking for a longbow that brings a bit of colour. Aimed at making traditional bows a bit more exciting!  

With 20 colours to choose from to transform the look of your bow from the traditional look of different woods and veneers to a coloured wood veneer to make your bow stand out and in to a more "with the times" look. 

With the renewed interest in traditional archery, especially by the your generation and ladies a like, there are very few "pretty colourful"  traditional bows around and the action wood types of bows can be very costly. 

So with that in mind, I created the color series.

  • I made the bow a bit shorter to 66"
  • Typical draw length is set at 21"
  • Poundage can range from 10 - 30 pounds
  • There are 20 different colors or as many combinations as you wish to have
  • I made the with of the bow smaller to suit Junior and ladies better
  • I designed the riser handle to be comfortable and in such a way that every time you hold the bow, you will hold it in the same position as before. 

This is a one-piece traditional longbow design. With a solid natural light coloured hard wood used for the riser and the limbs is soft Maple or Tulip woods covered in a colourful veneer as core and finally covered with the newest quality "Bear Paw" clear glass.


This is a sample of the colours available.

** Lead time is around 2-3 weeks with a colour and poundage of your choice**