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Action woods.

Raw material:
Peeled white birch veneer 1,5 mm. High density and good quality (AB). All veneers length wise, parallel glued. Raw material is mainly PEFC or FSC certified.

Through-dyed by environmentally friendly water-based dyes. Being a natural wood product the colour and structure may vary little from one lot to another.

In the through-dyeing of veneers CWP is using a unique, environmentally friendly processes. CWP laminated blanks contain no harmful substances. Use normal protection against wood dust.

Due to the thick layers of the veneers in the structure, the surface becomes lively. Some waviness may appear at the ends of the blanks.

Moisture content 8 – 12 % (at delivery).

Surface veneers C-quality. Small single live knots max. 10 mm allowed in the middle of the blank. Veins/ hairs allowed. May cause liveliness in colour (pale stripes). Flamed and curly veneers allowed. Brown heart allowed in dark tones.

Moisture-resistant wood glue, good workability with normal wood working tools.

UV Permanence is good on surface-treated product. With certain colours, the natural shade of the birch may show through. Testing is recommended depending on the area of application.

Dimensions: 520mm x 70mm x 65mm

I can provide different dimensions on request.

Please note: that this is heavily dependent on availability as this product is produced in batches every month.