Power Glass

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The Fiberglass you use is vital. Using the right product for the right purpose is what this is all about.

The structural characteristics of  fiberglass must ensure the utmost in performance and stability on all bows. After all, what good does fiberglass do for you if it does not result in a bow that performs at the highest levels?

Every archer deserves a bow that will give them reliable performance for many years. When your bow is built with our high-performance Power Glass – you’ll always get a bow that shoot smooth, stable, and efficient shot after shot.

"Crystal Clear" - Due to the extraordinary clear transparency of this fiberglass, the natural beauty of the limb core woods can be seen. No streaks, no blemishes – just a clear view of the natural wood grain laminated under the crystal clear Glass. This is especially important on bows with dark wood laminations. The clear fiberglass must have no flaws, no streaks, and no blemishes or it will take away from the beauty of the wood selected for the limbs.

"Black Power Glass" - Black is one of the most popular bow limb colors of all time. Many archers are quite fond of the rich look bows have when backed with black fiberglass. Black limbed bows exude a timeless elegance and a striking classic look.

  • High Stability 
  • Best Performance
  • High Heat Resistance