The Junxing M107 Is The World’s Greatest Compound Bow

The junxing m107 compound bow is by far the best compound bow in the world. Not only does it outperform other bows in speed and accuracy, but professional archers also consider this junxing m107 compound bow to be extremely comfortable to shoot and well-balanced. While other bows may be faster, more accurate, or more durable than the junxing m107. This is easily the best value for your money overall. If you want to know more, please click here.

Junxing M107 Specifications

Draw weight: 20-70 lbs

Draw Length: 25-31 inches

Axle to axle: 30 inches

Brace height: 7 inches

Let off: 70% – 75%

Weight: 3.3 lbs

IBO: 245 fps.fps

Top Speed: 245 fps

The Junxing M107’s Components

The Junxing M107 Compound Bow is a great choice for anyone looking to get into bowhunting. The compound bow features a modern design that makes it easy to use and comfortable to shoot. It has all of the features that you need in a compound bow, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

The Junxing M107 is made with the following components:

Riser – This is the backbone of any compound bow, and the riser on this model is made from aluminum alloy that is machined to perfection. It’s lightweight but also strong enough to withstand years of use without bending or breaking. The riser comes with several holes drilled into it where accessories can be mounted using screws or bolts. This provides you with plenty of options for customizing your rig.

Limbs – These are what give the bow its draw weight and let you know how much effort it will require to pull back before releasing an arrow. The limbs on this model are made from aluminum alloy, which means they are both lightweight and strong enough to handle whatever you throw at them (or shoot through them). They’re also covered in rubber tubing so they feel comfortable against your face when drawing back

Additional Features of the Junxing M107

The Junxing M107 compound bow is a highly popular model that offers a lot of value for the money. It comes with many additional features, including:

–  Adjustable draw weight from 30 to 60 pounds

–  Adjustable draw length from 24 to 32 inches

–  An adjustable sight and stabilizer system that makes it easy to adjust your sights and stabilize your bow with no tools needed. This means you can make adjustments on the fly without having to carry around any extra equipment or tools. To learn more about junxing m107 compound bow, you can click here.

–  A riser made from aluminum alloy and carbon fiber, which gives it both light weight and high strength. The aluminum alloy also makes it more durable than other materials used in bows.

Pros and Cons of the Junxing M107 Compound Bow

The Junxing M107 is a compound bow that is designed to help you improve your shooting skills. It has several features that make it an ideal choice for beginners and experienced archers alike.


Lightweight – This bow weighs less than 2 pounds, making it easy to carry around or shoot from a standing position. You can also adjust the draw weight to your liking.

Adjustable – The draw length and draw weight can be adjusted according to your preferences. The draw length ranges from 25″ to 31″, while the draw weight goes up to 70 lbs. The riser is made of aluminum alloy, which is sturdy yet lightweight.

Easy-to-use – The Junxing M107 is easy to use thanks to its single-cam design and automatic safety system. The limbs are made with fiberglass so they’re strong yet flexible, allowing you to shoot fast without losing accuracy or velocity.


No sight – This compound bow doesn’t come with any sights so you’ll have to buy one separately if you want one.

Reviews of the Junxing M107 Compound Bow

The Junxing M107 Compound Bow is a compound bow that has been designed for those who are serious about archery. It is a high-quality compound bow that can be used by both novices and experts.

The Junxing M107 is an excellent choice for those who are new to archery. It features a draw weight of 30lbs, which means that even kids can use it without any problem. The draw length is adjustable from 15” to 30”, so it can fit any person.

The bow has been designed using high-quality materials, which make it very durable and long lasting. The limbs have been made from aluminum alloy with fiberglass lamination, while the riser has been made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy and fiberglass lamination as well. This means that you can use this compound bow for years without worrying about its durability or quality. To learn more, click here!

The Junxing M107 comes with three different color options: black/gold, black/silver and black/red. All these colors look great on this bow, so you won’t have any trouble choosing one!

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